I’m Over At Coffee + Crumbs!

I have been obsessed with coffeeandcrumbs.net for a few years now. I found this collaborative blog for moms a few months after my daughter was born and it was almost as if my Mama’s soul exhaled. This blog is full of words that will resonate, inspire, and encourage you! What’s more, they have a wonderful podcast, a new book, a monthly newsletter and so much more! With my adoration for this blog in mind, imagine my excitement when I found out that they wanted some of my words on their page!

Today, I get to share a little piece of my heart for other mom’s in a little corner of the internet that feels a bit like home to me. I hope that it encourages you to remember those dreams that once lived in your heart and are begging for some time in the sun! Here’s a little preview!

“It’s the same realization that mothers have all of the time. The realization that, like a tutu whose circumference looks wide and full, all of those ambitions and dreams that we had for ourselves are fragile and delicate.

We spend our childhoods twirling and dreaming of what we might become, basking in the glow of our own future and the bright promise of hope. In those days, our minds couldn’t comprehend anything but becoming exactly what we wanted to be.

Life can drop big, dark stains on those dreams, leaving them soiled and soggy. When reality challenges their fullness and beauty, we’re left to tend to them, to wash them clean and restore what once was.

The problem is, there’s no ‘handle with care’ tag on that tutu in our mind’s eye, the one that we wore when we were dreamers. The one that fit us when we were confident and young.”

Click here for more!


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