This Week, I’m over at “Hello, Dearest”

This last week, an article I wrote was featured on MOPS International’s blog, This was originally published in their quarterly magazine and has been in the hands of the amazing MOPS Mama’s for a few weeks now, but here it is for your screen viewing pleasure!

Head on over to and have a read. Here’s a sneak peak for you and just an FYI, this idea gets my blood flowing faster and makes me super excited to be a mom! What a gift it is to mold the hearts of little people! What a difference we can make! What a world we can shape!

“Moms have the power of empathy. It’s a power because we have the opportunity to do something with it. We can teach our kids to look at others like the treasure they are to someone else…We can turn that soft spot deep within our hearts into a place of strength because we are the people-makers, the heart-molders, the generation-shapers.”

Hope you enjoy!



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