Hope and Home

I am extremely passionate about kids, especially little ones in footy pajamas and the people who are raising them. This includes those sweet little ones (and older ones) in foster care and those that seek to foster and adopt them. The thought of all that these children and those close to them (both their biological parents and their foster parents) are going through weighs heavily on my heart. That’s why a portion of all sales from Where Our Stories Leave Us will be donated to a wonderful organization that supports, equips, and loves those in this situation called Hope & Home. Hope& Home is a missional foster care agency in Colorado that nurtures both foster parents and foster children by providing them with everything that they may need during the delicate and tender season of foster care and adoption.  From excellent training to memory making opportunities to comfort items that children might need as they transition into their new season of life, Hope & Home provides it all. Please take a moment to look into this organization and consider offering your support whether that’s through prayer or financial gifts.